An extension of Formwerks Architectural, an award-winning firm with a portfolio of over 600 custom single-family homes and townhouses, Formwerks Boutique Properties develops elegant multi-family projects with timeless value. Built on the foundation of quality and design, the developments are a larger expression of the homes' founder and president. Formwerks has been designing homes since 1988.


Our classic developments are infused with an artistic quotient, the result of an architect helming the team. Homes are subtly unique in design and promote useful spaces for day-to-day living. They are built with passion and experience, constructed to fulfill needs, and designed for an intimate warmth and comfort.

We take pride in authenticity – exercising a mindfulness to quality and a responsibility to homeowners.

Our greatest achievements are always those associated with bringing value to residents and the community, and the happiness that ultimately follows.


  • 01 Integrity

    We have a responsibility to enrich the lives of residents. Our stamp of integrity is affixed to every portion of the design and development process.

  • 02 Authenticity

    An authentic home is timeless. It captures the essence of living. It displays quality in every corner. Our movements align to ensure each home matches this narrative of authenticity.

  • 03 Community

    A residence exists as part of a larger community, and our multi-family developments respect the desires of the neighbourhoods they reside in.

  • 04 Privacy

    Home is a sanctuary – an intimate space evoking warmth and comfort. A great degree of privacy is an essential factor when designing each living space.

  • 05 Identity

    Design is about creating identity – an expression of character, community, and passion. Our closely collaborating team has become a family, a foundation of identity transposed into our homes.